Ep. 35: Daniel Germani

Architect and designer Daniel Germani took a circuitous route to get to his full-time practice. Along the way he’s worked in tech, media and got an MBA. He talks to us about his childhood in Buenos Aires, grappling with his Catholic upbringing, and his passion for designing spaces that support clients living life to the fullest. Plus, he is fiercely (and hilariously) anti-tchotchke! Listen:


What is your earliest memory?

Playing at my grandparent’s home.

How do you feel about democratic design?

A good designer has to be able to provide excellent design solutions no matter the budget. Good design is about providing solutions to everyday needs.

For me, the role of us as designers is to guide your client into having a more meaningful space to live.
— Daniel Germani

What’s the best advice that you’ve ever gotten?

Always be prepared because you never know when the next opportunity may show up.

How do you record your ideas?

On paper


What’s your current favorite tool or material to work with?


What book is on your nightstand?

The Beautiful Fall, Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris


Why is authenticity in design important?

Because if design is not honest it fails the consumer and it betrays the process.

Favorite restaurant in your city?

Hana Sushi

What might we find on your desk right now?

A whole stack of notepads with designs in almost every page, a cross in ceramic that my grandmother (she was a ceramic artist) gave me 40 years ago, and a big pile of unsorted business cards.

Who do you look up to and why?

My parents...they taught me that nothing in life comes free...that one has to work hard and love harder to be successful in life.

Daniel and his mother in 1983

Daniel and his mother in 1983

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done and why?

The Ronald MacDonald house in Phoenix....giving a loving, welcoming and caring place for those families that are struggling with their kids’ health meant the world to me.

What are the last five songs you listened to?

Swish Swish - Katie Perry
I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd
Freedom '90 - George Michael
Despacito - Luis Fonsi (NOT the Bieber version)
Forever - Chris Brown

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