Clever Extra with Markus McKenna of turnstone

When turnstone contacted us about their Bassline table, we were excited because we’ve been watching the change in the way people work and, as a result, how office furniture and design brands have been adapting to this shift.

We talked to Markus McKenna, Design Director at Steelcase about how he got into office and workspace design, the current changing workplace, and the new turnstone Bassline table. We had so many questions for Mark about his perspective on the evolving office landscape, and he didn’t disappoint! Listen to our conversation below.

Marcus McKenna

Marcus McKenna

Once we heard about Bassline, we instantly loved the idea: a completely customizable table for office environments that focused on personalization. Built on the metaphor of music, Bassline serves as the foundation of a design, just as the Bassline or the rhythm is the foundation of a composition.

Culturally, we’re moving from an era where great emphasis was put on the coherence of a group in terms of dynamics to the comfort of an individual and the expression of an individual.

Offering table bases in steel, wood and laminate, Bassline can be customized in just about any size with square, round, rectangular, oval and racetrack tops. But the possibilities don’t stop there; Bassline gives total control to the customer to create a completely original design using their own custom top (up to 800 lbs!). From a barn door to natural stone to an heirloom tabletop, the options for creativity are boundless.

Companies use these lounge environments as a way to attract and retain their top talent.

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