Ep. 73: Clever Extra - Flip the Switch on Your Home Lighting

In this Clever Extra, we talk to Phil Prestigomo, Director of Industrial Design for Legrand, for an illuminating discussion on the subject of lighting. It’s been a while since we’ve given much thought to the trusty old light switch. Phil enlightens us with the research he’s been conducting on how we use lighting today, and how we can easily switch it up to integrate modern, customizable solutions to fit every need. He’s full of bright ideas! Sorry (not sorry) for all the puns - we couldn’t help ourselves! Listen:

Phil Prestigomo of Legrand

Phil Prestigomo of Legrand

As the Director of Industrial Design, Phil leads the company’s Industrial Design, Ethnographic Research, and User Interface development support across all ten Legrand product lines in North America. Phew! He’s a busy guy - we’re glad he had time to chat with us.

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While Phil touched on the adorne Collection by Legrand and its versatility, let’s be honest—it’s a game-changer for light switches. We love hearing stories about brands and people who are disrupting something we all thought was undisruptable! Imagine trying to redefine an existing fixture that’s so entrenched into our environment that it often gets overlooked!?

Photo:  Coco Kelley

The line is composed of light switches, outlets, and wall plates, including under-cabinet lighting, and app-based lighting control systems. Not only is it functional and elegant, it’s so easy to retrofit the adorne Collection designs into all existing electrical boxes… which means you don’t need to be building a home from the ground up to take advantage. It’s perfect for DIY-ers. Plus, the switches are customizable—the plates come in dozens of finishes, including cast metals, natural woods, leather, and an array of vibrant hues. However, you can also DIY your own to match your existing wallpaper, paint, patterns or design with the Custom Wall Plate.

The adorne Collection’s Under-Cabinet Lighting System gives you the option of not ruining your backsplash by providing an alternative location for constant connectivity and power access. The collection offers wi-fi ready devices providing app-based and voice-controlled lighting and video intercom. Phil also talks about the future of lighting in this episode—color control, lighting for mood, wellness and health considerations, and safety. How does Legrand plan to address these considerations and continue to provide even smarter solutions in the future? Listen to find out.

The  Pop-Out Outlet  provides three (THREE!) outlets when needed, but remains flush with the wall when not in use.

The Pop-Out Outlet provides three (THREE!) outlets when needed, but remains flush with the wall when not in use.

For more information about Legrand and the adorne collection, visit Legrand.us/adorne, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and Twitter.

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