Hi! We're Amy and Jaime,
hosts of Clever. 

Clever is a podcast about design. Well, actually, it's about
designers, too.

Maya Myers Photography

Maya Myers Photography

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Praise for Clever

"@CleverPodcast gives me motivation on the days I’m doubting myself." —@DenDraws (Twitter)

"Learning so much about designers I’ve followed for years + new to me designers. Also love the debrief/reflection at the end of each episode!"  —@pretavoyager (Twitter)

"Your thoughtful questions and generous guests have shown me that design professionals are incredibly intelligent, considered people who are capable of achieving great things beyond the aesthetic and superficial. It's totally empowering and I love it!"  —Melinda from Australia

"Our whole office enjoys listening to the podcast. We learn something new every time + love getting the back story!"   —@GoodWordPR (Twitter)

"Incredible - I have never taken so many notes while listening to a podcast, thank you!" —@puccimane93 (Instagram)

"Look forward to each podcast you share, fully inspired by each person you bring on & amazed by the depth of conversations you each are capable of nurturing! The candid honesty of everyone's story of how they got to where they are is wonderful."  —@360osol (Instagram)

"Started listening to @CleverPodcast with @amydevers and @jaimederringer & I LOVE IT 😍🎧"   —@CityComfortsDC (Twitter)

"Your podcasts are insightful. I listen whilst making in my workshop. I have also recommended them to my students. Keep going!" —@earthomeuk (Twitter)

"Loving the podcasts, so fun and insightful! Keep up the great work ❤️"   —@_xx_mpf (Instagram)

Sometimes you stumble onto something that's truly inspirational... Just give this podcast a listen! AMAZING.
—@georgicallender (Instagram)