Clever Presents: NeoConversations - Designing Branded Spaces

In this special Clever Extra, brought to you by Formica Group, we’re going to share a rebroadcast of another podcast that we (Amy & Jaime, aka 2VDE Media) produce called NeoConversations. NeoConversations is the official podcast of commercial design trade fair Neocon. The podcast discusses the exciting changes and issues impacting the commercial design industry, and just so happens to be hosted by Amy!

We especially loved the topic of NeoConversations Episode 7: Designing Branded Spaces, a conversation that digs into how to translate a brand into a physical experience and we thought you would love it too. 

What does it take to effectively design brand character into a space? How can brand values and purpose be communicated through materiality, visual language, ambiance and experience? What’s in the tool kit needed to implement a design program company-wide? Amy explores these questions with Renee Hytry Derrington, International Design Lead for Formica Group, and Abbott Miller, a partner at world-renowned design studio, Pentagram. Have a listen:

Renee Hytry Derrington // Abbott Miller

Renee Hytry Derrington // Abbott Miller

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Listen to all the episodes of NeoConversation here. Subscribe to the NeoConversations podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google Play. NeoConversations is a production of 2VDE Media. This episode was edited by Rich Stroffolino. Special thanks to Formica and NeoCon for this Clever rebroadcast.